Massage Therapy

In chiropractic care, the musculoskeletal system is manipulated while the intent of massage therapy is to manipulate the body’s soft tissues – specifically tendons and muscles – to reduce inflammation, pain, and the unpleasant physical symptoms of stress.

Massage helps to relieve nerve pressure and, like chiropractic, increases mobility and range of motion. This therapy can also help strengthen muscles, allowing them to function more effectively while becoming more resilient and resistant to injury.

At the hands of a professional massage therapist, you will also relax and experience a heightened state of well-being. This increases mental and emotional resilience and lessens the impact of stress.

Combined Benefits of Chiropractic and Massage

Massage can allow the body to respond faster and more fully to chiropractic adjustments. This therapy also helps maintain alignment for longer periods of time. And, by helping to strengthen the muscles once the musculoskeletal system is properly aligned, your body can “reset” and allow this improved physical state to become the norm, rather than the exception.

Together, massage and chiropractic care enhance emotional well-being along with proper, natural physical functionality. Pain relief can become more profound and long-lasting and, when you follow the recommended regimen, these treatments used together can help prevent your pain from returning.

At Maximum Performance, we utilize a variety of scientifically based treatments and therapies to relieve pain and help our patients achieve – and maintain – a healthy Northwest Arkansas lifestyle. We serve patients from Bentonville, Rogers, Bella Vista, Lowell, Springdale, Fayetteville & other areas of Northwest Arkansas.

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