Too many people in Northwest Arkansas are being held back from living their lives because of pain and nagging injuries.

At Maximum Performance, we provide treatment that makes a real impact and will get you back to doing what you love!

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What we do at Maximum Performance

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Receive Personalized Care
Our treatments are designed specifically to fit your needs, we take an evidence-based active movement approach to your care.
Get moving again
You deserve to enjoy being active, playing sports on weekends, working in the garden, playing with kids, or going to work. Let us help you get there.
Achieve your goals
Pain can hold us back from taking on daily activities. We're here to help get you back to functioning or better!
Long Term Results
Maintaining your health with proper movement stretches, and exercise are critical for a healthy, active life.

Don't continue to be held back because of the pain you're living with.

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We know that every patient is unique
Our patients come to us with unique problems and complaints


We know that something has set you back, preventing you from doing what you love. At Maximum Performance, we've been there before. An injury has derailed a season, a competition or even a family vacation. Our expert doctors have spent countless hours learning and treating issues just like this. Let us help you succeed in what you're striving for.

Dr. Maurice Pearl
Chiropractic Physician

I've been through this before, life in shamble because I couldn't do what I love, and I don't want that for anyone else. Over the years, I've had countless injuries that have pulled me from competitions. Nagging pain that has slowed me down. Issues that have prevented me from enjoying time with my family.

I've spent my time in school treating some of the top athletes in the midwest and countless hours learning from the best in the industry on how best to care for all patients of all types. My goal is your goal. Getting you back what you lost and returning you to the top of your game. Doesn't matter if it's finishing thath race with a personal record, or simply bending over to pick up your child.

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Dr. Pearl stays involved, learning to be a better doctor every day