What are the root causes of Sciatica?

What is the background of Sciatica?

Our nervous system is basically a very large electrical circuit. Our spinal cords transmit all of the electrical nerve impulses between our brains and lower back. From that point, singular nerves emerge from your spine and then travel to give sensation and movement to a specific area of your buttock, legs, and/or feet. This connection allows you to stay active and feel sensations like touch, heat, cold, and pain. Anything that comes in between this transmission can cause many problems. At Maximum Performance, we see patients from all over Northwest Arkansas to treat a range of symptoms due to sciatica. 

What is Sciatica?

You may have been diagnosed with a "Lumbar Radiculopathy". This means that as little as one or so many more of the nerves emerging from your lower back have become irritated or possibly pinched. This can result in a lot of pain, numbness or tingling in the specific area of your leg that is supplied by the irritated nerve. The term "Sciatica" is used to describe this condition, because most "lumbar radiculopathies" tend to involve the sciatic nerve which supplies the back & outside of your thigh and calf. Symptoms of a lumbar radiculopathy may vary from a low level ache to a constant severe sharp shooting pain. Your symptoms are more aggravated by certain positions or movements. 

Solutions for your Conditions

If you would like to solve this problem, come see us! We will treat the source of your nerve irritation because we want what is best for you. It is incredibly important for you to follow your treatment plan closely and be sure to tell us as soon as possible if you experience any progression of your leg pain, numbness or weakness.