1. Stay Relaxed

Here’s how: Bring self-care routines into your weekly scehdule. Need some ideas? Be sure to look into our Mind-Body Guide for options you can try; yoga, meditation, and even committing to 7 hours of sleep can change your life.

2. Eat Right

Here’s how: Try to stick with more lean poultry, fish, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables as opposed to fattier, red meats, and processed starches. Here is another trick, try to eat breakfast. Beginning with breakfast can help start your metabolism & can even give you the energy you need to stay focused.

3. Keep Moving

Here’s how: Try to get even more steps by taking the longer way to class. Here is an easier place to start, try to stand up. As crazy as it sounds, standing up each hour can make a huge impact, just as sitting for prolonged periods can have negative impacts on your health.

4. Sit Up Straight

Here’s how: Try not to slouch, being aware of your posture while in class or studying can help your pain. Really your back and neck will be thrilled. Be sure to look for our infographic that tells tips on how you can set up your workspace to avoid back and neck pain.

Preventative care may not be the easiest way to stay healthy but it is the best. Changing your schedule and being more mindful of your health can help set you up for success this year.

If you need nutritional support or are suffering with an injury that you would like to address before school starts, give us a call.