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There’s never a better time than NOW to take control of your health, before your health takes control of you. Do you have lingering injuries? Daily headaches? Taking medications daily to suppress pain? Have you always wanted to participate in an athletic event for the first time? Or, are you striving to make it into retirement with excellent health? Restore your health with the help of Maximum Performance Spine Sports and Physical Therapy! We are the premier physical therapy, chiropractic, and rehab facility in Northwest Arkansas. Located in the beautiful Pinnacle Hills Corporate Park, we integrate sports medicine, soft-tissue treatment, and rehabilitation to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.
you’re unique, so are we.
Every patient is unique and our doctors and therapists are trained to efficiently diagnose and prescribe the most effective course of treatment for your individual muscle, joint, or nerve disorder. We are able to treat the entire body with our state-of-the-art soft-tissue treatment method called Active Release Technique®. As a certified ART providers, we provide you the same treatment offered to professional sports athletes in all professional levels, in addition to Ironman triathletes. Coupling multiple treatment modalities, we attempt to not only relieve your pain, but CORRECT your problem. Many injuries are overuse injuries, and we have solutions that will permanently restore many conditions in a fun, professional, family-friendly, affordable manner.
At Maximum Performance Spine Sports and Physical Therapy, patients are classified into three main types:
Returning To Your Max–Those patients who are recovering from injury, both recent and chronic.
Staying At Your Max–Those patients who want to maintain their health and prevent injuries.
Reaching Beyond Your Max–Those patients who want to reach a new level in their physical activity.
More information can be found on our Patient Types page.

Scott Bennington and Stephen Joseph are official doctors of the Ironman Performance Care Team!


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